Thomas Power


Thomas Power is a musician and a developer from Dublin, Ireland. He has been writing  music for a long time now and coding for only a short while. He has just finished a degree in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin, unlocking the secrets of the universe in the process. His passion for physics, code and music has culminated in cofounding Composure.

You can find some of his work here






Sebastian Harenbrock


Sebastian Harenbrock began as a musician with an acute interest in the capabilities of what he could and could not do with his music. His interest led him into developing software that could aid himself and fellow guitarists to better learn their craft. Studying Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin, Sebastian has developed much of his labour through his coursework and studies. 




Composure aims to bring a seamless process of transcribing guitar playing to an electronic format 

Working in unison with AI and sound, Composure is a great tool for all guitar players