Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply solo or do I need a team to apply?

  • LaunchBox only accepts teams of 2 – 4 people.

How do I apply?

How do I know whether my team is eligible to apply?

Where can I find the Application Form?

  • - Hit ‘Click here to Apply’ and you will be able to download an editable PDF or a Word version.

When is the closing date for applications?

  • 23:59 on 11 February 2018.

How do I send in our application?

Do I need to have met with Alison before the closing date?

  • You need to have had a session with either Alison, Stu Fergus or Ross Brennan before 19 February. You can book one here:

I can’t book in with anyone to discuss my application between now and 11 February.

  • All the drop-in sessions to discuss applications have been booked up. You can ask a question about your application via email, but do not send the application form in draft. Please note: It is necessary to have had a coaching session with a team member by 19 February, so you can book in with a member of the team (Alison / Ross / Stu) for after the closing date and include the date of your scheduled appointment in the form which will ensure you have still met the eligibility criteria.

The application mentions that I need to have registered with Blackstone to apply to LaunchBox. How do I register on Ideator?

My team has a slide deck. Can I send that with my application?

  • Applications will be judged by the application form. You can include a URL to your demo / website / similar within the form, but please do not send on additional documents as they will not be reviewed.

The word count per answer on the application form says 50 words. One of our answers is 53 words. Will we be able to submit it?

  • We do ask for concise answers from applying teams so please do edit and proofread. However, we will not penalise teams for going over our stated word count.

I’m having trouble editing the PDF application form.

We have some questions about our application and want to discuss before we submit.

I have submitted my application – what are the next steps?

  • Your application will be reviewed and we will announce which teams have been shortlisted for the next round on or by Monday 19 February. This announcement will be made via email. If your team has been shortlisted you and your team will need to attend a short interview on 21 February, a pitch practice session on either 26/27 February, and the Pitch Event on 1 March.