Franc was founded in 2015 to provide a view of fashion that was both intelligent and accessible. Briony, having worked both as a model and in the studios of designers such as Simone Rocha and Vivienne Westwood, felt that fashion was misrepresented and her perspective underserved. With FRANC’s first issue receiving immediate success the second issue saw a redesign and expansion.

Having just finished as a project manager on Asia Business Week, where she worked alongside prolific curator Gemma Williams on a fashion show showcasing Asia’s most notable designers, Aoife Ngo came on board to finalise the issue and arrange the launch event. This was held in The Royal Society of Antiquaries with renowned blogger and academic Sinead Burke and sponsorship from Aspall Cyder. With issue three the editorial team was expanded with Eva Morrissey coming on board. An English student with a background as an account manager for WhereItsLive , Eva took on a broad range of duties across editing, event management and sales. Issue three was launched with an event in Irish Georgian Society with Anna Cosgrave of the Repeal Project with sponsorship from Jameson and is now stocked in the UK. 2017 has seen the team restructure with Briony as CEO and Editor in Chief, Aoife as Head of Operations and Eva as Managing Editor as Franc expands its offering into the digital space and grows its presence in the international market.