Changing how we learn.

Lexi is a language learning application that engages with children of all ages. We want to provide a platform that allows children to retain and understand new languages. By getting out there and talking to children, parents and teachers we hope to really change the waychildren in Ireland learn. The goal is to provide a language learning app that keeps children interested through storylines, awards and interaction with characters. Our first language will be Irish as we believe that children in Ireland are in need of more resources for learning. As linguists we can see the benefits of understanding different aspects of languages such as phonetics, syntax and semantics. By concentrating on these subsets of linguistics individually we hope that everyone who uses our platform will not only reach a fluency in their chosen language but will also start to understand how all languages work. Catherine is head of strategy with a background in Philosophy and French she understands languages and brings new insights to every problem. Machaela is in charge or game design and operations. She has studied Computer Science, Linguistics and French and is passionate about incorporating her understanding of languages into a fun and engaging application that will change how children learn. "






email : catherine@lexi.ie // machaela@lexi.ie



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