Lexi aims to change how we learn. Our goal is to create a more immersive environment for children to learn a language, in a new and more natural way. By incorporating the fundamentals of linguistics and recreating how we all learned our primary language our hope is that Lexi can help people achieve a fluency in any language in a fun and engaging way! Our team is motivated by our own experiences learning languages. Catherine, our head of strategy studies Philosophy and French giving her the understanding of languages as well as a uniquely creative mind. Sinéad (software developer) and Machaela (operations) both study Computer Science, Linguistics and French and became great friends early on in college. The skills from their courses not only give them coding capabilities but also an insight into the rudimentaries of how language functions. We’re passionate about languages and believe Lexi will make learning a language easy and fun!

Feel free to contact us on learnwithlexi@gmail.com

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