“Launchbox gave us access to a network of experienced individuals in a wide range of industries, providing us with vital feedback which ultimately shaped our product offering." - Eoin Gannon, Founder of SpeakUpp, LaunchBox 2017
Founders: Eoin Gannon, Liam Quigley, Liam Farrelly

One line description: SpeakUpp allow audiences to use their smartphone as a wireless microphone.

URL: www.speakupp.ie
The Story
Question and answer sessions at conferences and other large events are inefficient. The use of roving microphones is both time consuming and magnifies any insecurities an individual already has about speaking publicly. Our platform allows attendees to use their smartphone as a microphone at the touch of a button. We also facilitate anonymous text questions, allowing everyone in the audience to ask their questions and “SpeakUpp”. 
The team comprises of Liam Quigley (CEO), Liam Farrelly (CTO) and Eoin Gannon (COO) who all study computer science and business. We learned a lot about the startup ecosystem within Ireland and found that Dublin is a great place to be a startup. There are a lot of resources (both state and private) that help accelerate your business. 
The journey 
The idea for SpeakUpp originated during a lecture in Trinity College Dublin. We were sitting in a lecture in the Ed Burke theatre. The lecturer was trying to ask the students questions. She had a wireless microphone and was struggling to move in and out of aisles trying to reach her students. This was time consuming and inefficient. It was at this point that our CEO, Liam Quigley, thought that there must be an alternative. The team began thinking of a solution to this problem and realised that everyone has a perfectly functional microphone in their pocket - a smartphone. 

Not only did Launchbox give access to great resources such as mentorship and advice, but also allowed the team to develop their business alongside 9 other great teams. It helped to be in an environment surrounded by other entrepreneurs in order to share problems and collaborate. Beyond this, Launchbox also gave us office space and supported us financially allowing us to work on our startup full-time during the summer. The Launchbox mentor program also provided us with a mentor to assist us in maintaining both our progress and our connections to industry professionals. To aid us  in life after Launchbox.
Where are they now? 
Since Launchbox ended the team have continued to develop but this has slowed down since all founders are currently completing their final year in college. As part of their degrees each member has to do a final year project and this is where most the work for SpeakUpp is happening currently. They  have managed to integrate SpeakUpp into their final year projects. Their roadmap has been stretched out to compensate for final year and they are looking forward to what lies ahead for SpeakUpp.


Marsh Sisters
“Launchbox was an incredible experience that benefited the Marsh Sisters in a variety of ways. From the mentors and co-working space to the numerous workshops and talks we attended. The whole programme allowed our business to grow in so many aspects. Launchbox provided all the necessary supports for us to develop our business, networking and pitching skills.” - Christine Butler, Founder of Marsh Sisters, LaunchBox 2017

Founders: Chrstine Butler and Bridget Butler

One line description: The Marsh Sisters create luxury handcrafted marshmallows in a range of flavours. 

URL: www.marshsisters.com

The Story:

Marsh Sisters offers an alternative to the marshmallows currently available on the market in Ireland. Currently the most prevalent marshmallows available on the shelves are large batch production and highly processed marshmallows. Marsh Sisters uses the most natural ingredients as possible, ensuring marshmallows that are free from artificial colours flavours and preservatives. 

Marsh sisters was founded by two sisters, Christine and Bridget Butler. The business grew from their shared love of baking together and love of making marshmallows. They spent years baking together at their kitchen back home in Wexford. Christine is a second year science student in Trinity College Dublin and Bridget is graphic designer. 

As neither co-founders come from business backgrounds Launchbox was a great opportunity for both to be immersed in the startup world. 

“We learned so much through  various workshops and mentors we met throughout Launchbox. One of the best aspects of the programme was working with other start-ups within our co-working space and being able to bounce ideas off one another. This allowed us to practice pitching together and share any problems the business was facing and receive guidance and feedback.”

The journey

 Speaking of where the idea came from Christine explains, “We have been making marshmallows for as long as we can remember and during the summer of 2016 we noticed a gap in the market for luxury marshmallows. We set about developing our brand and getting our kitchen at home certified and then began selling our marshmallows in our local market in Wexford in October 2016”

Through Launchbox Marsh Sisters expanded their business to move into more retailers around Ireland and work with other business for events and collaborations. “Launchbox really helped us to build our network and progress the business from our local to market to retailers and coffee shops.” 

Where are they now? 

Christine is currently continuing with her studies full time but aims to continue with Marsh Sisters in the future. 



"Without LaunchBox I don't think Lexi would have reached the milestones it has reached in such a short amount of time. From the scope of the workshops to the value of the LaunchBox network, I truly think it gave us the concrete foundation needed to launch a successful product." - Machaela O’Leary, Co Founder of Lexi, LaunchBox 2017

Founders: Machaela O’Leary and Catherine Coffey 

One line description: Lexi is an elearning platform that teaches non native English speakers industry specific vocabulary to improve their employment opportunities. 

URL: www.lexi.ie 

The Story

Lexi teaches non-native English speakers industry specific vocabulary that improves their employment opportunities. As the employment market is becoming more globalised, the need to speak English is more important than ever.

We see a war on talent in Ireland with non native speakers migrating to the capital to work. However many are not succeeding in securing the job they deserve as they do not have the industry specific vocabulary to set them apart at the interview stage. Those that do are often stuck at entry level jobs, unable to progress their career. 

Lexi aims to tackle this problem, providing the courses necessary to remove the language barrier from the equation. 

Machaela and Catherine grew up together in Kerry and are childhood friends. They both made the move to Dublin to study in Trinity College with Machaela studying Computer Science, Linguistics and French and Catherine taking on Philosophy and French. Both have a keen understanding of the problem as they both struggled to work abroad through their second language. 

The journey

Lexi was born out a problem that both Machaela and Catherine felt throughout their college experiences. Although both held a university standard of French, neither felt comfortable working in specific professional environments. When studying abroad both struggled to secure employment through French although they could hold a conversation easily. 

This prompted the idea that there was a need for a platform that would improve your industry specific language in a way Duolingo or other language learning apps never would.  

Speaking of her time in LaunchBox, Catherine said, “the lessons learned during the LaunchBox program will have a lasting effect on Lexi. Without that time to iterate and fail, there would have been no success.” Throughout the summer program workshops such as legal agreements, customer development and pitching sessions provided insights into the startup world that weren't available elsewhere. Lexi feels these workshops and the mentoring they received is what sets them apart from other budding startups.

Where are they now? 

After finishing the summer accelerator program, Lexi took a well deserved break and headed home to Kerry. Since coming back to Dublin they've gained support from Enterprise Ireland and the New Frontiers program and are participating in the Startup Boost Accelerator program a pre-accelerator for Tech Stars to continue with their mentoring. The next steps from Lexi involve running customer testing, launching their beta quiz and preparing for a full launch in April 2018. The team hopes to expand in the next 8 months hiring a software team with the intention of raising more capital during the summer of 2018. 



“One of the main benefits of Launchbox for us was that it taught us to learn to deal with failure. Having the support of LaunchBox allowed us to “try, fail and iterate all through the summer”, ultimately ending up with a product and business model that worked.” Jake McGwire. Founder of TicketChain, LaunchBox 2017

Founders: Jake McGwire, Zach Diebold, Kevin Murray. 

One line description: TicketChain creates digital ticket software that is licensed to ticket vendors to allow them to stop ticket touting and fraud while also monetising ticket resale.

URL: www.ticketchain.ie 

The Story

TicketChain came about as a direct result of a similar pain point shared by all of the founders. Ticket touting and fraud are issues that anyone who has attempted to buy a ticket will have unfortunately experienced. The team came together at the world’s largest Blockchain hackathon in November of their final year in college. They worked on their concept and built a basic prototype in just 48 hours, going on to secure first place in the competition. They decided to pursue the idea and continue to explore ways in which they could control and monetise ticket resale, whilst most importantly protecting fans.

The TicketChain team is comprised of three Trinity College Dublin graduates. Jake MccGwire, an Economics graduate is joined by Kevin Murray who studied Management Sciences and Information Systems Studies and Zach Diebold who holds a Master’s in Computer Science. They have now been joined by Geoff Natin who is currently completing his Master’s in Computer Science in Trinity.

What makes TicketChain unique is their solution that aligns the incentives of both the fans and ticket companies. Digital tickets offer a completely new way to design and control tickets, and unlocks huge potential for ticket vendors. 

The Journey

Speaking of his experiences throughout the summer program, CEO Jake says “Launchbox really taught the team to attempt to validate assumptions before investing time and money into them” .

As the team became more familiar with their target industry and conducted further research, they realised that their initial business model was not suitable and this led to a pivot towards a B2B software model. Exposure to established and seasoned entrepreneurs through the LaunchBox program hugely assisted the team with changes in their business model. Not only that, but by being on the Launchbox program they “could get a meeting with anyone”.

One of the main benefits of Launchbox for them, however, was that it taught them “to learn to deal with failure”. Having support available allowed them to “try, fail and iterate all through the summer”, ultimately ending up with a product and business model that worked. At the end of the program they were awarded with the Blackstone Award and are now looking for external investment. 

Where are they now?

TicketChain launched its beta version in September 2017 and worked directly with societies and organisers throughout Dublin to host events and sell tickets. Having enabled more features, tested the technology and incorporated the feedback, TicketChain will launch its new product in early 2018 with a number of full-scale pilots.




“LaunchBox gave us some really significant long term benefits as we transitioned to
working on the magazine full time. The funding allowed us a cushion to develop the
business free from revenue pressures before we launched our fourth issue and the
mentors and contacts we gained have proved invaluable to our growth and development.” - Briony Somers, Founder of FRANC, LaunchBox 2017

Founder: Briony Somers.

One line Description: FRANC is a fashion company that offers a new form of luxury. Launched in 2015 with a print magazine FRANC offers content and products of intelligence and integrity.

URL:  www.francmagazine.ie 

The Story

In 2015 Lauren Henshaw told Briony Somers she wanted to produce a college magazine
about fashion that would be “nice with a cup of tea”. Although just back from walking for
Simone Rocha, Briony hadn't been reading fashion magazines; she was finding history
and philosophy much more interesting.

FRANC began its mission to break the industry's dichotomy between intelligence and
accessibility with a print magazine offering considered and concise responses to
interesting questions. Receiving demand from both readers and advertisers outside the
college's walls, when Lauren left college, Briony decided that there was probably a world
full of people who weren't reading fashion magazines.

Lauren and Briony met while studying History and Politics in Trinity College. Following
the launch of issue two Lauren graduated going on to work on Hunter’s social media
team. Remaining in Dublin finishing her course Briony met fellow Trinity student Eva
Morrissey while the pair were working in Selfridges’s owned Brown Thomas. One of the
college’s top English students Morrissey joined as senior editor for issue three and is
now FRANC’s deputy editor.

Briony feels that the “immersive quality of the experience allowed the
pair to learn the value of focus and a clarity of values”.

The Journey

Having operated as a side project for two years Somers sought to develop FRANC into a
sustainable and growing business following graduation. Having received press attention
from outlets such as the Irish Times and image.ie as well as gaining readers in the
State’s and its first UK stockist it it had become clear there was potential for FRANC to
grow its reach globally.

 Learning of LaunchBox from Trinity alumni and former Hist auditor Hannah McCarthy the programme provided the time, free of financial pressures, to develop long term plans for the business. Having the time to consider the long term future of FRANC allowed the expansion of
FRANC’s offering. Over the course of the programme the print edition was expanded with product integrated into its editorial offering and digital content put into development. Securing a total of six prestige UK retail locations as well as a domestic national distributor the fourth issue of FRANC was launched with expanded distribution, nearly tripled launch revenue and advertising from luxury brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Weir & Son’s.

Where are they now? 

Working with mentors and advisors gained over the course of the programme the team
is working to build on the successes of issue four. Through direct to consumer sales the
FRANC has gained new readers in Hungary, France and the States and has been
developing its American network in anticipation of a State-side launch.
Over the coming season FRANC will be launching its digital content as well as the fifth
edition of the print magazine with projected growth on both readership and

Equine MediRecord

Equine MediRecord

"Throughout LaunchBox we learned how to mold our idea into a sustainable business. We were taught what should be contained in a business plan and how to create one.” - Pierce Dargan, Founder of Equine MediRecord, LaunchBox 2017

Founders: Pierce Dargan, Simon Hillary

One line description: Equine MediRecord aims to develop, sell and maintain a mobile application and website to allow proper recording of medicines administered to racehorses and other bloodstock.

URL: equinemedirecord.com

The Story

Currently all veterinary regulatory documents in the equine industry are recorded on paper. Equine MediRecords first product aims to digitise the Medicines Register. Anything that is given to a racehorse that isn't either regular feed or water must be recorded in the Medicines Register, a book that is handed out by horse racing regulatory bodies to all registered trainers in order to allow them to record all medicines being administered. Failure to keep this book updated can lead to fines, or suspension of a trainer's' license. 

Equine MediRecord develops, sells and maintains a mobile application and website to allow for the proper recording of medicines administered to racehorses and other bloodstock that is mandated under regulation. This is the first application of its type to be approved to replace the paper system by British and Irish regulators

Pierce Dargan comes from a family of  race horse breeders and is a scholarship graduate of History and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin. He also holds a MSc in Business and Management. Having won the Alltech Innovation competition in Trinity in 2016, Pierce also has previous experience in sales with Red Bull and Tilt. Simon Hillary holds a B.A in Computer Science and Business from Trinity College Dublin. He has planned, developed and managed the rollout of a bespoke Electronic Programme Guide Generation software for Oireachtas TV. Pierce and Simon attended Blackrock secondary school and went on to study together in Trinity College Dublin. 

The journey

The original idea was totally different to the current business, an e-commerce website comparing farm consumables such as feed, fencing and manure disposal. However, they discovered that this was not a viable business from talking to their target customers. Having listened to the concerns of their customers, they pivoted into a more viable business product. 

LaunchBox gave the team space to work from and allowed them to work full time on the idea. It gave Simon and Pierce the framework to create a business plan to get investment. It also really helped to hone their pitch which has been really important for the team in securing investment. Another valuable lesson learned was the different ways to raise funding to support us at an early stage. Speaking of his experiences Pierce said  "The LaunchBox program provided us with an invaluable network through which we were introduced to a number of VCs and angel investors. We spent a lot of time practicing and learning how to deliver a good pitch which has proven to be a real asset to us.”

Where are they now? 

Equine MediRecord has achieved funding through Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Programme and Innovation Voucher, a Priming Grant from Local Enterprise Office in Naas and sponsorship from Bank of Ireland. The company also was the winner of the Innovation in Business Award at the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2017 and the winner of the One Zero Startup Competition 2017, one of the largest sport-tech competitions in Europe.

They are also continuing to roll out testing of their mobile app into a further two yards as well as started testing their new web app platform. They have approval from the British Horse Racing Authority to replace the medicines register in the UK and have started discussions with other industry regulators about deploying the technology into their sectors.



“[Through LaunchBox] I’ve learned that in a startup you have to trust your instincts and make the tough calls early. Don't be indecisive. If you use logic and rationale you will usually come to the right decision.” - Dylan Scully, Co-Founder of MatchDay, LaunchBox 2016

Founders: Jack Boyle, Jonathan Deane, Ian O’Reilly, Dylan Scully

One line description: MatchDay is a free to play real time sports game that allows users to make in game predictions during live sports events in order to win prizes.

URL: www.matchday.ie

The story

MatchDay is an interactive mobile technology company which provides a free to play real time sports game that allows users to make in game predictions during live sports events in order to win prizes. It is an interactive mobile technology company They aim to add a competitive and social edge to watching live sports.

The MatchDay team is made up of Computer Science graduate Jack Boyle, Physics graduates Ian O’Reilly and Dylan Scully and BESS graduate Jonathan Deane.

What MatchDay states makes them different is that they partner with brands in order to provide prizes for our users. The platform is a unique and engaging way for brands to connect with consumers.

Speaking of the project Jonathan Deane, said: “We had always played fantasy football together and loved the competitive element but were often frustrated by the experience. We realised that our generation desired a more on-demand experience from fantasy sports. We still desire the same social and competitive elements but wondered if we could create real-time games that could be played and that would be more fun and immersive to play than traditional fantasy sports.”

The journey

The MatchDay team emphasise how LaunchBox teaches “the process of validating an idea and strengthening it.” The opportunities provided by LaunchBox allowed the start-up to speak directly to successful entrepreneurs and receive direct mentorship. The programme also helped them overcome the challenge of identifying the product market explaining that “every set back we faced strengthened our company.”

Speaking of his experience of LaunchBox, Jonathan Deane said, “We got to tweak our business model and product over the summer with the help of the mentors in LaunchBox, which was incredibly helpful. At the end of the programmme we were awarded the Blackstone highest potential start-up award and are now delighted to see how far the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers program can help us fly.”

Where are they now?

MatchDay are launching in February on iOS and Android in time for the 6 Nations. They are talking with potential corporate sponsors to partner with for their launch Recently they were awarded the prize for No. 1 sport tech startup globally at One-Zero conference in Dublin. They are supported by Enterprise Ireland and the New frontiers programme. We will be launching first for Rugby, Soccer and GAA and then expanding into new markets globally (the U.K. and the USA) in time for the 2017 seasons starting in November

iDly Systems


"LaunchBox has helped us enormously. Bringing it from a successful college project to a viable business in the space of eight weeks.”  - Finn Murphy, Founder of iDly Systems, LaunchBox 2016

Founders: Dario Antunes, Finn Murphy

One line description: iDly is a Software as a Service company offering digital identification services to universities and institution in Ireland.

URL: idlysystems.com

The story

iDly is a Software as a Service company offering digital identification services to universities and institutions in Ireland. The team is made up of Mechanical Engineering graduate and former Students Union Officer Finn Murphy and 3rd year Computer Science student Darios Antunes

iDly was formed in order to develop, improve and commercialise the highly successful Trinity Digital Student ID. This ID started as a University funded campus project and was launched in a pilot scheme in September 2015. Now, this pilot has been downloaded over 6,000 times and has a 35% penetration in the Trinity student body.

The start-up now holds a worldwide exclusive license to exploit this technology for commercial purposes. In addition to providing a digital identification service for students we plan to develop online marketplace and analytics tools for bodies operating in the student space.

The journey

Speaking of his experience Finn Murphy had to say, “I’m the first to admit as a fresh engineering graduate I don't know a huge amount about business. This is what LaunchBox has helped with the most. Exposing the project to business and entrepreneurial leaders has allowed me to learn almost as much in this eight weeks as I did in the previous year.”

iDly systems found that working alongside other start-ups taking part in LaunchBox was extremely rewarding. “Being able to sit down and brainstorm about anything with people with such knowledge domains has been highly enjoyable and valuable,” says Antunes.

The team would urge anyone who has an idea to take part in Launchbox, “even if you might think it’s not really something for you, give it a good whack at least once, there’s nothing to really lose!”

Where are they now?

iDly Systems are hoping to extend to other institutions and universities throughout the county.



“[Speaking of LaunchBox] No two days are the same. One moment you’re filling out IP contracts, the next you’re shaking hands with multi-millionaires.” – Adam Doran, Co-Founder of Good Gaming Leagues, LaunchBox 2016

Founders: Gavin Corkery, Adam Doran, Seamus Dwyer

One line description: Good Gaming Leagues offers a tournament organisation and management platform for competitive online gaming.

The story

Good Gaming Leagues offers a tournament organisation and management platform for competitive online gaming. Gamers can compete in tournaments and leagues against each other for cash prizes. Good Gaming Leagues currently caters for the top games in the e-sports industry.

The start-up was founded by third year Computer Science students, Gavin Corkery, Adam Doran and Seamus Dwyer.

The journey

Their pitching skills improved massively over the LaunchBox programme and their advice to any new start-ups would be to “work on your public speaking skills because being able to convince people that your idea is good is just as important as your idea actually being good.”.

Good Gaming Leagues also praised the mentorship they received, “we got to speak to investors and start-ups that went on to raise money, and got some great advice as to how we can make ourselves as a company as attractive as possible.”

Where are they now?

Currently taking a break from the project.



“For me, LaunchBox was a terrific opportunity to grow up as an entrepreneur and as a person, shaping my future and constantly dealing with amazing people.” – Emanuele Ferrari, Co-Founder of FallSafe, LaunchBox 2016

Founders: Emaunele Ferrari, David Cohalan

One line description: FallSafe is a fast system to help elderly call for immediate assistance when falls happen. 

The Story

FallSafe is a fast system to help elderly call for immediate assistance when falls happen. The system comprises a mobile app and a wearable emergency button. Founded by Computer Science & Business graduate David Cohalan and Industrial Engineering graduate Emanuele Ferrari, FallSafe was created to improve the way in which elderly can call for help and reduce the 400 million euro economic costs related to falls in Ireland. The solution is supported by a community of volunteers that can help our customers when falls happen.

The journey

Co-founder Emanuele Ferrari states that customer focus and serendipity are the main lessons he learned from the programme. He explains that “your customers and the problem that you are going to solve have to be the starting point of every business, no matter the nature of the business.” LaunchBox taught the founders to definitely “have a business plan but also be flexible to new opportunities.”

Where are they now?

The team are currently working on further developing their application



“There’s no real excuse that college is holding you back at all. I mean if you want to do it, and you have the potential to do it, then you should be doing it.” – Daniel Hobbs, Co-Founder, BetterExaminations.ie 

Founders: James Eggers, Daniel Hobbs

One line description: BetterExaminations.ie is a website with easy access to all past examination papers for Irish Government examinations. 

URL: betterexaminations.ie  

The story

BetterExaminations is a really easy way to get past examination papers for Irish Government examinations. You can search for  specific question by selecting a subject/year/exam, or you can search almost every paper for a question or topic you want to practice. 

James Eggers and Daniel Hobbs first met at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. The idea stemmed from when James was studying for his Leaving Certificate and wanted an easier way to access past examination papers. Both are fourth year students studying Computer Science and BESS respectively. 

The journey

Taking part in LaunchBox allowed James and Daniel as entrepreneurs, to learn “the ability to try harder” and “not to give up until you reach the customer.” The programme has allowed them to tailor their pitch towards different groups of customers.  

Both agree that one of the best aspects of the programme is getting to work alongside other teams explaining, “we’ve been able to bounce ideas off one another and help to establish our business visions together with other teams.” 

They also advise others who are interested in applying to LaunchBox to definitely do so because “as students, you have nothing to lose” and state that LaunchBox was “the best decision taken in the progression of our company.” 

Where are they now? 

The site now has over 15,000 users and is continuing to grow. BetterExaminations University is the next step. They plan to offer their software to Universities and ITs around the US and Europe to allow them to create a manageable, centralised exam papers system, therefore, allowing for an organised tracking of exams and efficient and enjoyable studying experience.  



“I want my start-up, Nu., to be my career and doing LaunchBox put me in the right mind set for how to make that happen.” – Aisling Byrne, Co-Founder of Nu., LaunchBox 2016 

Founders: Aisling Byrne, Alison Kelly

One line description: An An ethical fashion community that rejects fast-fashion but refuses to compromise on style. We aim to facilitate clothes swapping and sharing to reduce consumption and use every item to its full potential.  

URL: http://www.nuethical.com/ 

The story

Nu. is an ethical fashion community. Nu. runs creative and innovative events in Dublin with a focus on raising awareness of the harms of fast fashion, whilst providing a fun, stylish and affordable alternative offering clothing exchanges. 

The start-up was founded by Aisling Byrne a graduate of Music from TCD and Alison Kelly a master’s student of International Politics 

The journey

Both travelled to India in the summer of 2013 and had the unique experience of meeting garment workers and hearing some of their experiences first hand. On their return to Ireland they saw their old wardrobes in a new light. They began to wonder about the true story behind their clothes, who made them? What was the factory like? Where did the materials came from? 
And so Nu. was born.  

“Nu. believes in a world where looking good does not mean depriving an individual of their human dignity.  The latest trend should not cause irreparable harm to the earth. Fashion is about having fun, being creative and looking great,” Byrne and Kelly explain.   

Through LaunchBox the team “learned a lot about how to present as a start-up and how to sell to a more business-minded audience. Knowing the audience is important and learning how to channel our ambition and passion into something concrete is important.” 

Where are they now? 

The team are continuing to work on events and swap-shops. Kelly states that LaunchBox was “a really stimulating and motivating experience which allowed Nu. to realise our potential. LaunchBox gives you a real sense that you can achieve the impossible.” 


“Be prepared to pivot and embrace change both within your company but as a person too” – Joanna Hearne, Co-Founder, HaySaver

Founders: Graham Dundon, Joanna Hearne

One line description of company: HaySaver is a temperature and humidity sensor that gets inserted directly into your hay bales that assess for nutrional losses, mould defects and over heating which can damage your forage.

URL: www.haysaver.org

The story

Co-founded together out of a college project in our second last semester of Mechanical engineering. Both founders are recent gradutes of Trinity and have decided to run with the idea.

The journey

By completing LaunchBox, it very much so helped us from a business perspective. We are a tech heavy team and had some very interesting talks thoughout the 10 week program.

Where are they now?

Still working on the idea now and seeking seed funding.