“There’s no real excuse that college is holding you back at all. I mean if you want to do it, and you have the potential to do it, then you should be doing it.” – Daniel Hobbs, Co-Founder, 

Founders: James Eggers, Daniel Hobbs

One line description: is a website with easy access to all past examination papers for Irish Government examinations. 


The story

BetterExaminations is a really easy way to get past examination papers for Irish Government examinations. You can search for  specific question by selecting a subject/year/exam, or you can search almost every paper for a question or topic you want to practice. 

James Eggers and Daniel Hobbs first met at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. The idea stemmed from when James was studying for his Leaving Certificate and wanted an easier way to access past examination papers. Both are fourth year students studying Computer Science and BESS respectively. 

The journey

Taking part in LaunchBox allowed James and Daniel as entrepreneurs, to learn “the ability to try harder” and “not to give up until you reach the customer.” The programme has allowed them to tailor their pitch towards different groups of customers.  

Both agree that one of the best aspects of the programme is getting to work alongside other teams explaining, “we’ve been able to bounce ideas off one another and help to establish our business visions together with other teams.” 

They also advise others who are interested in applying to LaunchBox to definitely do so because “as students, you have nothing to lose” and state that LaunchBox was “the best decision taken in the progression of our company.” 

Where are they now? 

The site now has over 15,000 users and is continuing to grow. BetterExaminations University is the next step. They plan to offer their software to Universities and ITs around the US and Europe to allow them to create a manageable, centralised exam papers system, therefore, allowing for an organised tracking of exams and efficient and enjoyable studying experience.