iDly Systems


"LaunchBox has helped us enormously. Bringing it from a successful college project to a viable business in the space of eight weeks.”  - Finn Murphy, Founder of iDly Systems, LaunchBox 2016

Founders: Dario Antunes, Finn Murphy

One line description: iDly is a Software as a Service company offering digital identification services to universities and institution in Ireland.


The story

iDly is a Software as a Service company offering digital identification services to universities and institutions in Ireland. The team is made up of Mechanical Engineering graduate and former Students Union Officer Finn Murphy and 3rd year Computer Science student Darios Antunes

iDly was formed in order to develop, improve and commercialise the highly successful Trinity Digital Student ID. This ID started as a University funded campus project and was launched in a pilot scheme in September 2015. Now, this pilot has been downloaded over 6,000 times and has a 35% penetration in the Trinity student body.

The start-up now holds a worldwide exclusive license to exploit this technology for commercial purposes. In addition to providing a digital identification service for students we plan to develop online marketplace and analytics tools for bodies operating in the student space.

The journey

Speaking of his experience Finn Murphy had to say, “I’m the first to admit as a fresh engineering graduate I don't know a huge amount about business. This is what LaunchBox has helped with the most. Exposing the project to business and entrepreneurial leaders has allowed me to learn almost as much in this eight weeks as I did in the previous year.”

iDly systems found that working alongside other start-ups taking part in LaunchBox was extremely rewarding. “Being able to sit down and brainstorm about anything with people with such knowledge domains has been highly enjoyable and valuable,” says Antunes.

The team would urge anyone who has an idea to take part in Launchbox, “even if you might think it’s not really something for you, give it a good whack at least once, there’s nothing to really lose!”

Where are they now?

iDly Systems are hoping to extend to other institutions and universities throughout the county.