Marsh Sisters
“Launchbox was an incredible experience that benefited the Marsh Sisters in a variety of ways. From the mentors and co-working space to the numerous workshops and talks we attended. The whole programme allowed our business to grow in so many aspects. Launchbox provided all the necessary supports for us to develop our business, networking and pitching skills.” - Christine Butler, Founder of Marsh Sisters, LaunchBox 2017

Founders: Chrstine Butler and Bridget Butler

One line description: The Marsh Sisters create luxury handcrafted marshmallows in a range of flavours. 


The Story:

Marsh Sisters offers an alternative to the marshmallows currently available on the market in Ireland. Currently the most prevalent marshmallows available on the shelves are large batch production and highly processed marshmallows. Marsh Sisters uses the most natural ingredients as possible, ensuring marshmallows that are free from artificial colours flavours and preservatives. 

Marsh sisters was founded by two sisters, Christine and Bridget Butler. The business grew from their shared love of baking together and love of making marshmallows. They spent years baking together at their kitchen back home in Wexford. Christine is a second year science student in Trinity College Dublin and Bridget is graphic designer. 

As neither co-founders come from business backgrounds Launchbox was a great opportunity for both to be immersed in the startup world. 

“We learned so much through  various workshops and mentors we met throughout Launchbox. One of the best aspects of the programme was working with other start-ups within our co-working space and being able to bounce ideas off one another. This allowed us to practice pitching together and share any problems the business was facing and receive guidance and feedback.”

The journey

 Speaking of where the idea came from Christine explains, “We have been making marshmallows for as long as we can remember and during the summer of 2016 we noticed a gap in the market for luxury marshmallows. We set about developing our brand and getting our kitchen at home certified and then began selling our marshmallows in our local market in Wexford in October 2016”

Through Launchbox Marsh Sisters expanded their business to move into more retailers around Ireland and work with other business for events and collaborations. “Launchbox really helped us to build our network and progress the business from our local to market to retailers and coffee shops.” 

Where are they now? 

Christine is currently continuing with her studies full time but aims to continue with Marsh Sisters in the future.