“I want my start-up, Nu., to be my career and doing LaunchBox put me in the right mind set for how to make that happen.” – Aisling Byrne, Co-Founder of Nu., LaunchBox 2016 

Founders: Aisling Byrne, Alison Kelly

One line description: An An ethical fashion community that rejects fast-fashion but refuses to compromise on style. We aim to facilitate clothes swapping and sharing to reduce consumption and use every item to its full potential.  


The story

Nu. is an ethical fashion community. Nu. runs creative and innovative events in Dublin with a focus on raising awareness of the harms of fast fashion, whilst providing a fun, stylish and affordable alternative offering clothing exchanges. 

The start-up was founded by Aisling Byrne a graduate of Music from TCD and Alison Kelly a master’s student of International Politics 

The journey

Both travelled to India in the summer of 2013 and had the unique experience of meeting garment workers and hearing some of their experiences first hand. On their return to Ireland they saw their old wardrobes in a new light. They began to wonder about the true story behind their clothes, who made them? What was the factory like? Where did the materials came from? 
And so Nu. was born.  

“Nu. believes in a world where looking good does not mean depriving an individual of their human dignity.  The latest trend should not cause irreparable harm to the earth. Fashion is about having fun, being creative and looking great,” Byrne and Kelly explain.   

Through LaunchBox the team “learned a lot about how to present as a start-up and how to sell to a more business-minded audience. Knowing the audience is important and learning how to channel our ambition and passion into something concrete is important.” 

Where are they now? 

The team are continuing to work on events and swap-shops. Kelly states that LaunchBox was “a really stimulating and motivating experience which allowed Nu. to realise our potential. LaunchBox gives you a real sense that you can achieve the impossible.”