“Launchbox gave us access to a network of experienced individuals in a wide range of industries, providing us with vital feedback which ultimately shaped our product offering." - Eoin Gannon, Founder of SpeakUpp, LaunchBox 2017
Founders: Eoin Gannon, Liam Quigley, Liam Farrelly

One line description: SpeakUpp allow audiences to use their smartphone as a wireless microphone.

URL: www.speakupp.ie
The Story
Question and answer sessions at conferences and other large events are inefficient. The use of roving microphones is both time consuming and magnifies any insecurities an individual already has about speaking publicly. Our platform allows attendees to use their smartphone as a microphone at the touch of a button. We also facilitate anonymous text questions, allowing everyone in the audience to ask their questions and “SpeakUpp”. 
The team comprises of Liam Quigley (CEO), Liam Farrelly (CTO) and Eoin Gannon (COO) who all study computer science and business. We learned a lot about the startup ecosystem within Ireland and found that Dublin is a great place to be a startup. There are a lot of resources (both state and private) that help accelerate your business. 
The journey 
The idea for SpeakUpp originated during a lecture in Trinity College Dublin. We were sitting in a lecture in the Ed Burke theatre. The lecturer was trying to ask the students questions. She had a wireless microphone and was struggling to move in and out of aisles trying to reach her students. This was time consuming and inefficient. It was at this point that our CEO, Liam Quigley, thought that there must be an alternative. The team began thinking of a solution to this problem and realised that everyone has a perfectly functional microphone in their pocket - a smartphone. 

Not only did Launchbox give access to great resources such as mentorship and advice, but also allowed the team to develop their business alongside 9 other great teams. It helped to be in an environment surrounded by other entrepreneurs in order to share problems and collaborate. Beyond this, Launchbox also gave us office space and supported us financially allowing us to work on our startup full-time during the summer. The Launchbox mentor program also provided us with a mentor to assist us in maintaining both our progress and our connections to industry professionals. To aid us  in life after Launchbox.
Where are they now? 
Since Launchbox ended the team have continued to develop but this has slowed down since all founders are currently completing their final year in college. As part of their degrees each member has to do a final year project and this is where most the work for SpeakUpp is happening currently. They  have managed to integrate SpeakUpp into their final year projects. Their roadmap has been stretched out to compensate for final year and they are looking forward to what lies ahead for SpeakUpp.